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Events for the Month of January 2016

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  • 23rd IMC Ladies’ Wing Jankidevi Bajaj Puraskar 2015 - 7th January, 2016

    23rd IMC Ladies’ Wing Jankidevi Bajaj Puraskar 2015

    Date:     7th January, 2016, Thursday
    Time:    4.00 pm
    Venue:  Walchand Hirachand Hall, 4th Floor, IMC Building, Mumbai.


    Ladies’ Wing – Indian Merchants’ Chamber
    Smt. Shalini Piramal, President

    and Members of the Executive Committee
    cordially invite you to the presentation of the

    23rd IMC Ladies’ Wing
    Jankidevi Bajaj Puraskar 2015


    Smt. Kana Mondal
    Proprietor, M/S Hasta Udyag
    for her outstanding contribution towards
    Rural Entrepreneurship


    Chief Guest
    Smt. Anita Dongre
    Renowned Fashion Designer

  • Book Launch - “Monks are from Meditating Monkeys” by Dr. G. K. Pillai - 12th, January, 2016

    Book Launch - “Monks are from Meditating Monkeys” by Dr. G. K. Pillai

    Date:     12th January, 2016, Tuesday
    Time:    3.00 pm
    Venue:  Walchand Hirachand Hall, 4th floor, IMC Building, Churchgate, Mumbai.

    IMC Ladies Wing invites you for the book launch of “Monks are from Meditating Monkeys” by famous author Dr. G. K. Pillai.

    This extraordinary book unveils the scientific source of true spirituality. A vision of reality emerges when the brain is in the grip of “near- death” frenzy. The dominant ego declines and consciousness shifts to the right side of the brain. True mystics like Ramana Maharshi meditated up on the dazzling vision reached “nirvana”, the culmination of spiritual quest. The good men, who sell yoga, meditation, and salvation, are self-centered mimics with inflated self and greed. The facts now revealed by brain scans might debunk the divine comedy of fake monks misleading the masses?

    Dr. Pillai has written many notable books on diverse topics. He has academic credentials in Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, and Public Finance. He retired after serving 35 years in the Indian Revenue Service, as the Chief Commissioner. For his contributions to Public Finance, he was empaneled in the International Roster of candidates by the United Nations in June, 1989 and International Monetary Fund in 1992.

    Join us to unveil this extra ordinary book with Dr. Pillai

    Members interested in attending this informative session kindly register at the IMC Ladies’ Wing Office at your earliest.

    • Students: Rs. 150 /-
    • Non Members: Rs. 200 /-

    Organized by

    Ms. Shalini Piramal
    Ms. Radhika Nath
    Vice President
    Programme Committee    
    Ms. Madhavi Vora
    Ms. Bijal Doshi
    Ms. Manju Sanghi
    Special Invitee

    Members: Ms. Amla Ruia, Ms. Anju Gulati, Ms. Darshana Doshi, Ms. Indira Kotak, Ms. Kaushika Hemdev, Ms. Malti Jain, Ms. Manali Wadhwana, Ms. Mohini Mathur, Ms. Nisha Shah, Ms. Nitika Agarwal, Ms. Payal Patel, Ms. Rekha Jhunjhunwala, Ms. Smita Sanghvi, Ms. Sucheta Shah, Ms. Toral Lathia

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments but what is woven into lives of others”
– Pericles

According to a survey conducted by the Times of India, did you know in India every year nearly 500,000 people die because of non-availability of organs?

Every 11 minutes someone is added to the waiting list. By donating, each person can save the lives of upto 7 individuals by way of organ donation and enhance the lives of over 50 people by way of tissue donation.

Come join hands with the Ladies’ Wing of Indian Merchants Chamber in this noble cause of pledging your organs.

Recycle yourself. Become an organ donor.

Kindly contact the Ladies’ Wing Office to get more information on this if you wish you to pledge your organs.

Kindly Note: The Wing intends to start SMS alert services for the reminder of the events. Members who do not wish to avail the service are requested to send a letter to the Ladies Wing office.

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