The Ladies’ Wing of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers memberships for individuals. You can choose between Life Membership or Annual Membership.

1. Life Members:

  • A Life Member shall pay an amount of Rs.25000/- plus 18% GST = Total Rs.29500/-(Payable only once)
    (Note: There would be no admission fee for Life Members)
  • The membership fee shall be paid after the confirmation email is received.

2. Annual Members:

  • An Annual member shall pay, annual subscription of Rs.7500/- plus 18% GST = Total Rs.8850/- for each year
  • The membership fee shall be paid after the confirmation email is received.

How to become a Member

Ladies, who are interested in being a member of the Wing can do so by following the below 2 steps.

  • Fill the Membership Application Form, in the link mentioned below
  • Kindly upload the mandatory documents mentioned below:
    1. Scan copy of Pan card / Aadhar card
    2. Passport size photograph

Click here to fill the Membership Form

Selection of Members

  • The applicant shall apply in the prescribed form furnishing the required details
  • The applicants will be called on a specific date and time for the interview with the committee
  • The applicant is confirmed subjective to approval of the Membership Scrutinizing Committee


  • Members, who wish to resign, shall submit their resignation in writing or via email to the office.
  • The membership fee is non refundable incase of your resignation

Ceaser of Membership

A member shall, ipso facto, cease to be a member if:

  • Such members fails to pay subscription due from her before the end of June every year
  • Such members resigns by giving written notice to that effect and the resignation is accepted by the Committee
  • Such members dies or adjudged as insolvent
  • Such members are convicted of an offence under the Indian Penal Code involving moral turpitude.

Exclusion of Members

The Wing reserves to itself the right of expelling any member in case she does any act or pursues any conduct that is either in contravention of the rules of the Wing or detrimental to its credit or, for any other good and sufficient reason, it is thought desirable to remove her from the membership of the Wing.