Exhibition 2022

Ladies’ Wing

of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Women Entrepreneurs’ Exhibition 2022

A Mega Shopping Extravaganza

22nd and 23rd August, 2022

at Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai

Dear Applicant

Greetings from the Ladies’ Wing of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Women Entrepreneurs’ Exhibition organized by the Ladies’ Wing of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides a platform to women entrepreneurs, in their initial stages of entrepreneurial development, to showcase their exemplary designing talents and innovative skills by displaying and marketing their products in domestic and international markets. IMC Ladies’ Wing makes significant contributions to social well-being and provides committed assistance for urban and rural projects focusing on socio-economic development, especially targeting women, youth and children to uplift their status in the society.

With this introduction to the ethos of the event, I invite your participation in one of the Ladies’ Wing’s mega annual events; Women Entrepreneurs’ (WE) Exhibition to be held on Monday, 22nd August, 2022 and Tuesday, 23rd August, 2022 at Jio World Convention Centre G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.

The selection process of participants will be through advance screening. Pricing, design, cut, innovation, etc. are some of the deciding factors. Quality and appearance are our main criteria.


Stalls Life Member Non-Member
(18 Sq.mts.)
Rs.2,26,800/- plus 18% GST
Total Payable Rs.2,67,624/-
Rs.2,52,000/- plus 18% GST
Total Payable Rs.2,97,360/-
(12 Sq.mts.)
Rs. 1,51,200/- plus 18% GST
Total Payable Rs.1,78,416/-
Rs. 1,68,000/- plus 18% GST
Total Payable Rs.1,98,240/-
(9 Sq.mts.)
Rs. 1,13,400/- plus 18% GST
Total Payable Rs. 1,33,812/-
Rs. 1,26,000/- plus 18% GST
Total Payable Rs. 1,48,680/-
(4 Sq.mts.)
Rs. 60,000/- plus 18% GST
Total Payable Rs. 70,800/-

(The amount payable towards GST may vary if there is any change in applicable rate at time of payment.)


  • WE Exhibition is exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs (No men are allowed to participate), who do not have retail outlets/stores in Mumbai. Overseas and Out of Mumbai applicants can participate even if they have retail outlets/stores.
  • The application for participation should be made by the women entrepreneur herself.  Proxies, in any form, will not be permitted.
  • Participants selected for the WE Exhibition will not be allowed, to participate or display, exhibit or market their products in any other exhibitions or private shows to be held in Mumbai, ONE month prior to the WE Exhibition (on or after 22nd July, 2022). They will not be allowed, to participate under any other brand name or sell their products (under the same product category) through their relatives/clients in other exhibitions in Mumbai.
  • The woman entrepreneur will have to be present, herself, at the stall during the 2 days of the Exhibition.
  • The stalls allotted to participants cannot be used by them to showcase merchandise of other parties.
  • The products exhibited should be similar to what was shown at the time of screening by way of finish, pricing and quality.
  • Matters related to screening and selection of participants is at the sole discretion of the Exhibition Committee. After the selection process, the selected participants shall be intimated through a formal letter that they have been selected and the terms of payment of the participation fees.
  • Exhibition termination due to force majeure event or government directives due to Covid-19, 10% of the total stall fees will be forfeited.
  • If any participant/stall allottee fails to abide by or is found to be flouting any of the conditions above or any other Rules of the Exhibition, prior to start of the Exhibition, her allotment will be cancelled and the entire Participation Fee will stand forfeited. If the participant is found to be disregarding/disobeying any of the Rules during the Exhibition or such conduct is brought to the notice of the Exhibition Committee after the Exhibition, they will be barred from taking part in the Exhibition in future.


Applicants are requested to fill the online registration form on www.imcladieswing.org or send it via email on lw.exhibition@imcnet.org / mithila.akre@imcnet.org You can also send it at the Ladies’ Wing office by post/courier/hand delivery. Registration fee of Rs. 1000/- (non-refundable) has to be paid at the time of submitting the form by cash or cheque in favour of ‘IMC Ladies’ Wing’, by post/courier/hand delivery. Kindly mention your name and mobile number on the back of the cheque.


Ladies’ Wing of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry
3rd Floor, IMC Building, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400020


The screening process will commence from 10th May, 2022 onwards.. Exact date and time for screening of individual applicants will be intimated separately to each of them.


IMC Building, Churchgate, Mumbai.

Last date of submission of form is 10th May 2022.

For further information, please contact Ms. Mithila Akre, Dy. Director or IMC Ladies’ Wing on 9820995375 / 022-71226698/ 022-71226665 / 022-71226705 / 022-71226637 or write to us on lw.exhibition@imcnet.org / mithila.akre@imcnet.org.

Yours sincerely,
Roma Singhania
President -Elect
IMC Ladies’ Wing