Theme of the year - Women Integration, Skills and Entrepreneurship


1) You are bound by the all Exhibition Rules which are displayed on our website

2) WE Exhibition 2018 is exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs who do not have retail outlets in Mumbai.

3) Participants are precluded from displaying or selling their products through any exhibitions, previews or private shows in Mumbai for two months prior to the Exhibition dates in the same or other brand names and themselves or through relatives/clients.

4) The Woman Entrepreneur will have to be present, herself, at the stall during the 2 days of the Exhibition.

5) Selected participants must ensure that they exhibit in their stall only products similar to what was approved at the screening, and that suggestions made (if any) during the screening are followed. All the products have to be properly price tagged during the Exhibition.

6) The stalls allotted to participants cannot be used by them to showcase merchandise of other parties.

7) On the day of the stall set-up, if any stall needs to be shifted from the earlier location which had been allotted, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Exhibition Committee may request the allottee to accept the stall at a new location as may be available. The allottee will accept the stall allotted to her in the new location, without complaint. If however she chooses not to accept the stall in the new location and to cancel the allotment, the participation fees will not be refunded

8) If any participant/stall allottee fails to abide by or is found to be flouting any of the Rules of the Exhibition, prior to start of the Exhibition, their allotment will be cancelled and the entire Participation Fee will stand forfeited. If the participant is found to be disregarding/disobeying any of the rules during the Exhibition or such conduct is brought to the notice of the Exhibition Committee after the Exhibition, they will be barred from taking part in the Exhibition in future.

9) Feed-back sheets shall be circulated during the Exhibition to the participants.

10) All participants shall follow all laws, rules and regulations laid down by any Government, Body or Authority as well as by the owners of the venue where the exhibition is being held. If any damage is caused to the venue due to the action of the participants or their employees/helpers or the IMC Ladies’ Wing suffers any loss or becomes liable to pay any penalty or damage due to breach on the part of the participants, the same will be recovered from the participants.

11) The participants will ensure that their stalls and surrounding areas are kept clean at all times.

12) The participants alone will be responsible for their products and other belongings. We will not be responsible for any theft or damage or loss to life or property suffered by the participants or their employees/helpers.

13) Your placement of mannequins, standees or display of any advertisement material, should be confined within your stall and should not go outside your stall limits. The height of the stall is 7 feet and the décor cannot exceed that.

14) IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON NEW TAX REGULATIONS - GST: Every participant will have to register under GST as a temporary seller compulsorily for selling their products at the exhibition. If you do not have a GST number, we request you to register under GST and complete the required formalities to avoid any kind of intervention from the sales tax department. IMC Ladies’ Wing will not be responsible if any action is taken against any participants for not being registered under GST.

15) POS MACHINES: All participants must make provision for credit/debit card payment/ POS facility.

16) Participants must ensure that their stalls are completely ready and products displayed for viewing by 10:30 am on 5th September 2018, prior to the inauguration of the Exhibition. Please note that the timing for preview of the Exhibiton is 1O:45 am onwards on 5th September 2018.


It has been made mandatory by the Fire Department this year that Fire retardant be sprayed/coated on any wood or fabric used to build or cover stalls in all Exhibitions. As per the rule, the stalls constructed by exhibitors must follow the following guidelines with reference to Fire retardant spray/coating:-

a) The ply/wood, fabric used for erecting the stalls must be coated with fire retardant chemic

b) The chemical must be possess following properties:
     • Colourless & odourless
     • Zero / Low VOC
     • Zero Halogen / Zero Carcinogenic
     • Totally Green Chemical
The coating chemical must conform to NFPA 701, small and large scale, Class A or Class 1 on Raw Wood / fabric.

c) The Fire Retardant coating work to be carried out by an agency approved by Govt. of Maharashtra, Directorate of Maharashtra Fire Services under the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Act, 2006. The licensed agency appointed for this Exhibition is Luckshman Rekha Safety Services.

d) A certificate regarding the Fire Retardant coating having been carried out by the licensed agency must be submitted to DOME INDIA, NSCL. This certificate must reach DOME INDIA’s office minimum 4 hours before the commencement of the Exhibition, so that they can complete the fire compliance procedure.


FOR OCTONOM STALL(S) – (Applicable only for those who will be using fabric / jute / drape for extra decoration to cover the white Octonom panels.)
The charges for per Octonom panel covered with fabric will be Rs.350/-.
For eg if an exhibitor is covering 4 panels, then the charges will be Rs.350 X 4 = 1400/-
(Fabric on one or two panels also can be coated, but minimum charges will be Rs.1000/-).
For stalls using no additional fabric for decoration, no charges will have to be payable.
Cheque in favour of “Luckshman Rekha Safety Services” based on above calculation, so that the agency can be intimated to enable them to arrange for material and manpower for coating of the Fire Retardant.


• Kindly collect the below mentioned deliverables from the IMC registration desk, positioned near Gate D entrance on 4th September, 2018 (i.e. one day prior) from 2:00 pm onwards :
     a) 2 Participant badges + 2 Assistant Badges
     b) 2 lunch coupons for each day (2 lunch boxes will be given each day against the coupons)
     c) 2 Water Bottle Coupon for each day (4 bottles of 500 ml will be given each day against the coupon)

• The description of stalls and what we will provide is given below :-

Stall Type / Stall Dimension Stall Accessories
Large 18 Sqmts. Octonorm panels on 3 sides of the stalls
Carpet in the built area
Spot light - 6 nos.
5/15 amp Plug point – 1 nos.
Table – 1 no.
Chairs – 2 nos.
Waste paper bin – 1 no.
Fascia name
Medium 12 Sqmts. Octonorm panels on 3 sides of the stalls
Carpet in the built area
Spot light - 4 nos.
5/15 amp Plug point – 1 nos.
Table – 1 no.
Chairs – 2 nos.
Waste paper bin – 1 no.
Fascia name
Small 9 Sqmts. Octonorm panels on 3 sides of the stalls
Carpet in the built area
Spot light - 3 nos.
5/15 amp Plug point – 1 nos.
Table – 1 no.
Chairs – 2 nos.
Waste paper bin – 1 no.
Fascia name

Please note, the height of the stall is 7 feet and the décor or branding cannot exceed 7 feet.


• The stall set-up (as well as loading and unloading of goods) will be on 4th September, 2018 (i.e. one day prior) from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm (THE SET-UP IS TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE 7:00 PM). You are requested to adhere to the given time slot for stall set up to avoid rush. In case of any change in the mentioned schedule, it will be informed to you via SMS or WhatsApp.

• Kindly submit the photo copies of ID’s and address proof at the registration desk (i.e. Aadhar card / PAN Card / Passport) of all your helpers/representatives who will be present at the stall on both the days of the Exhibition. The submission of the address proof is a mandate specified by Dome for security reasons and in case of non – submission, entry will be prohibited.

• The entry for vehicles is through Gate C (near Nehru Planetarium) after which they should proceed to Gate D to enter the venue and unload goods. Entry through any other gate is not permissible.

• We request you to first unload all your goods from your vehicle on your arrival and then subsequently carry the stuff to the exhibition hall. This would help in avoiding traffic jam.

• Day passes will be provided to helpers, who will accompany you during set up i.e. 4th September, 2018 and dismantling after the Exhibition on 6th September, 2018.

• The placement of mannequins, standees or display of any advertisement material, should be limited to the allotted stall area only.

• The jewellery participants are requested to carry their products back on the completion of first day of exhibition and display it again the next day, as there is no provision of strong room or other means of safe-keeping at the venue.

• Other participants are requested to bring a large cloth and brown tapes to cover their stall on completion of first day. Please note IMC will not be liable for any loss, damage or theft in your stall.

• We request you to share 4-5 high-resolution images of your products in jpeg format for social media promotion.

Please note: Outside Food or Drink is NOT allowed at the exhibition.


a) For ordering extra stall accessories (such as lights, electrical points, racks, furniture, fixtures, etc.), please contact:

Name of the Company Exhibit Minds Pvt. Ltd
Contact person Mr. Chandan
Tel. No and email id 022 28521319 /
Timings Between 11 am to 5.30 pm (Monday to Saturday)

Please find attached herewith the list of stall accessories with their prices mentioned. Please mention your stall No. and stall name very clearly while ordering the accessories.

Please note the following:

• All orders received after 16th August, 2018 would be charged 25% additional on the actual prices.
• Orders received on site would be charged 30% additional on the actual prices. (Subject to availability).

Payment to be made in favour of ‘Exhibit Minds India Pvt. Ltd.

b) Extra Helpers/ CCTV: You may hire extra helpers or install CCTV at your stall from our empanelled vendor.

Name of the Company Expert Management
Contact person Mr. Shahaan Chessan
Tel. No and email id +91-9833045467 /

Please note that you will have to directly place your order with the above mentioned empanelled vendor. IMC Ladies’ Wing will not be responsible for taking any orders or arranging for any extra services.