Theme of the year - Women Integration, Skills and Entrepreneurship

Ms. Mohana Nair - President

Ms. Mohana Nair is a corporate lawyer specializing in Banking, Insurance, Company, Intellectual Property and Information Technology laws. Ms. Nair’s clients include large corporates, financial institutions, consulting and software companies. Ms. Nair sits on the Boards of Ugam Solutions, Stratbiz Consulting, among others.

She is also the external member of Sexual Harassment Committees of certain companies. She additionally advises non-profit organisations like Awaaz Foundation, Gyan Prakash Foundation and Isha Foundation and has filed PILs including for the protection of trees in Mumbai and a wild life corridor in Maharashtra and to restrict the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products around educational institutions. Mohana has a Masters degree in Physics (Electronics) from Mumbai University, post which she studied law.

Ms. Nair is also a trained classical dancer in both Bharatnatyam and Odissi and still pursues her interest in Odissi as a hobby, whenever time permits. She enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandsons.