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Kerala needs your help – Contribute to the flood relief

Dear Member,

The State of Kerala is reeling under the aftermaths of the worst flooding ever, in all its 14 districts, due to incessant rain. Dams have had to be opened all over the State, the swelling rivers have inundated roads and cities and left people marooned in their homes and villages. Cities have been cut off and roads destroyed by the raging waters and landslides which followed. Lakhs of people had to be shifted to make-shift camps. The people of Kerala are in dire need of help from you, as fellow Indians.

In keeping with IMC’s tradition of responding to natural calamity in any part of the country, I on behalf of the Ladies’ Wing appeal to all members to come forward and donate generously towards providing immediate assistance for relief and rescue. With your help IMC can also make a sizable contribution.

Your donation cheques may be drawn in favour of the IMC Relief Fund, which will attract exemption of 50 per cent from income-tax under Section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

You may also donate the following items, which we will hand over to the right channels to be dispatched to the affected persons in the State of Kerala:

· Wearable sarees
· Nighties
· New under garments
· Children’s clothing
· Bed sheets
· Blankets
· Towels

(Please note we will not accept any other items other than those listed above)

Last date for your cheques or donations in kind to reach us is 10th September, 2018.

I am sure that, we will have your full support for this noble cause which will make a huge difference in this hour of need.

Looking forward to your continued support as in the past.

With kind regards,
Mohana Nair
IMC Ladies’ Wing