Theme of the year 2020 - 2021

The theme for IMC’s Ladies’ Wing 2020 - 2021

WE Elevate... is a clarion call to all to seize the new opportunities, make some different choices and try things that have never been done before to elevate every aspect of life. It is an appeal to all to stand together in these difficult times, and elevate each other.

WE Elevate- ‘WE’ finds resonance with three important aspects - Women, Environment, and its literal meaning of being together.

In these difficult times, it is imperative that all should come together and pool in all their efforts in making a difference and making this vision become a reality.

So while the countries in the world fight for power and dominance, while people of colored skin fight for their rightful place in society and while medical professionals fight against this unfortunate pandemic, one must strive to elevate each other to make this world a better place, one that our children and grandchildren growing up would be privileged to live in.